Saturday, 14 July 2007

New Zealanders and Global Headlines July 14

New Zealanders featuring in this week's survey of global media including The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, LA Times, Boston Globe, SFGate, The New Yorker, National Public Radio and include:
  • Corporal Willy Apiata awarded Victoria Cross for Afghan action
  • Multi-platinum Fat Freddys “island-time ambience” at Glastonbury
  • Canterbury U's Blue Fern is 99th in world's top 500 super-computers
  • NZ tennis #1 Marina Erakovic wins career first doubles title in Italy
  • Alyn Ware activates Parliamentary Nuclear Disarmament Network
  • Firefox developer/software engineer Ben Goodger now Googling (px)
  • Taika Waititi's oddball comedy Eagle vs Shark has US debut
  • Sydney’s Bruce Elder files 91 passionate posts on Trampabout NZ
  • Jonathan King's gory horror-comedy “The Birds with sheep”
  • Govind Armstrong conjures hip LA eatery Table 8 on Melrose
  • AgResearch works to reduce gas emissions from NZ farm animals
  • Artist Mark Olsen to customize car in 2007 Le Mans Enduro serie

For full stories see, a 5,000-story storehouse of international activities by New Zealanders 2000-07.

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