Friday, 28 September 2007

Denis O'Reilly Blog #18: "How to Break Out"

Denis O’Reilly’s series Nga Kupu Aroha/Words of Love (#18, 3,300 words), from the living edge of Aotearoa
  • A headline from gangland: better employment and health
  • Managing crime and punishment in New Zealand; restorative justice vs the Maricopa Country chain-gang method; the passing of Joseph Roberts, mentor, coach and American Eagle; gang policies in NY (community development) vs LA (suppressive policing); recognition for Ecuador’s Latin Kings
  • Tigilau Ness documentary From Street to Sky; Robert Muldoon and Rastafarianism; social rage directed into art; “music speaks louder than words”
  • The coronation of Kingi Tuheitia; Bishop Paraone Turei’s sermon affirming “whakakotahi (collective unity) and the desirability of enabling Maori to be unique
  • Papakainga: architecture, whanau housing and the Hawkes Bay village settlement project

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