Monday, 1 October 2007

84 – New Zealanders in global headlines October 1

New Zealand headlines in this week's survey of global media appearing in the NY and LA Times, International Herald Tribune, The Telegraph, Guardian, Herald Sun, Bulletin, Sydney Morning Herald and the Barre Montpelier Times Argus, include:
  • US dance professor sees advanced NZ cultural collaboration (px)
  • Telegraph goes kayaking, heli-biking, deep sea diving, caving, rafting
  • Fairfax CEO David Kirk and banker Ralph Norris are Oz influentials
  • Daniel Carter and Dad in backyard rugby goal-kicking vid for Adidas
  • #1 NZ pest the possum fur makes eco-friendly hats, scarves, bikinis
  • NZ wine attracts highest average retail price in UK, tenner for a bottle
  • Soccer keeper Jacob Gleeson trials for ManU, Everton youth squads
  • Russell Crowe back to being bad in 3:10 to Yuma, a Western revival
  • Director Andrew Dominik helms The Assassination of Jesse James
  • Photographer Bruce Connew’s Stopover on Fiji's sugar-cane workers
  • NZ intros carbon trading to reduce 45.5m tons of excess emissions
  • Wheelchair/Amputee athletes win seven gold in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hong Kong says NZ role model for renewable energy, new envirotech
  • NZ fashion unique for preponderance of women designers, owners
  • AirNZ shows 30 designers on aero catwalk; Rachel Hunter models

For full stories see, a 5,000-story storehouse of international activities by New Zealanders 2000-07.
Picture: Atamira Dance Company in "Whare tangata" Photo: Norm Heke/Te Papa Press

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