Friday, 7 December 2007

90 – New Zealanders in Global Headlines December 7

New Zealand headlines in this week's sampling of global media appearing in The New York Times, The Times, Globe & Mail, Salon, Guardian, The Age, Monocle, Undercover, China View, Telegram, BBC News, Canberra Times, Times of India and The Observer include:
  • Wellington’s Ponoko pioneer virtual personalized manufacturing
  • Rotorua microbiologists reveal methane-buster from Hells Gate
  • New 50 Facts That Should Change the World from Jessica Williams
  • Nurse Lisa French Blaker writes Heart of Darfur from Sudan
  • NZ “wine producing country of the year” – Observer’s Tim Atkin
  • OtagoU scientists patent squid gel to reduce surgical scarring
  • BEE (Beauty Engineered for Ever) cleaning products make Monocle
  • Carbon-neutral Arthur’s Pass Wilderness Lodge gets Times aok
  • Guardian has “thrillingly wild, jaw-dropping” tour of NZ back country
  • Lloyd Jones talks up raging character of Wellington wind in Times
  • Digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy Conchords score in Capital
  • Auckland artist Dane Mitchell selected for Miami’s Art Basel 2008
  • Peter Boggs compared to Edward Hopper in Canberra exhibition
  • Chills, “set apart by geography,” in Guardian’s greatest music acts
  • B+W photographer Stefanie Young in Chelsea NYC show
  • Baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes shows character range in OZ Opera
  • Lauren McKee and Wynne Pirini reinvent Tshirts in Vancouver
  • Windsurfer Barbara Kendall earns fifth Olympic Games spot
  • Buck Shelford scores 15th in Times’ list of sport’s worst injuries
  • All Black and NZ Maori legend Pat Walsh dies, Auckland, 71

For full stories see, a 6,000-story storehouse of international activities by New Zealanders 2000-07.

Photos clockwise from top left of Dane Mitchell at Miami's Art Basel, Ponoko pioneers David ten Have and Derek Ellery in the NY Times, BEE cleaning products, Dafur nurse Lisa French Blaker, patent squid gel and baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes.

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