Thursday, 7 February 2008

93 – New Zealanders in Global Headlines February 7

New Zealand headlines in this week's sampling of global media appearing in New York Times, Times, Wall St Journal, BBC, Guardian, Financial Times, The Age, ABC News, Monocle, Tatler, St George Leader, NDTV India and New Eurasia include:
For full stories see, a 6,000-story storehouse of international activities by New Zealanders 2000-08.

Photos: ski racer Adam Hall, swimmer Te Haumi Maxwell, and Kerry Fox as Janet Frame in Jane Campion’s Angel at My Table.

My thanks to Clare Marshall who has edited the newzedge pages of since 2002. She has tracked and filed about 4,000 stories about the international achievements of New Zealanders. A great contribution to a unique resource. Clare commences as an editor with Melbourne University Publishing. Our best wishes. Brian Sweeney

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