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105 – New Zealanders in Global Headlines 24 April 2009

From Brian Sweeney, Producer,

Pictured above: Jonathan Porritt, John Key, Melissa Lee, Pip Brown (Ladyhawke),
Keith Urban


New Zealand headlines in this sampling of global media appearing in The Australian, Backpacker, Bloomberg, Energy Current, Los Angeles Times, Telegraph, The Village Voice, Paradizo, Golf Digest, Brisbane Times, Environmental Leader, The New Republic, Solomon Star, 20 Minutos, Philippine Star, Times Online, Bleacher Report, The Canberra Times, The New York Times, The Age, Teen Vogue, Dwell, Australian Financial Review, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Herald, Forbes, San Francisco Chronicle, Sports Illustrated, Popular Science Australia, Newark Advocate, CNN, and Wall Street Journal include:

Jonathan Porritt – "Prosperity without Growth?"
Keith Urban, country musician, 41, #1 in America, Defying Gravity
John Key on market-based approaches to the global recession
New Zealand's vulnerability is high external debt – Forbes
Bryan Gould, says governments only ones to counter recession
New Zealand creating 74% of its energy from renewables
New Zealand could run 2.5 million cars off wind
AgResearch scientists discover ways for cows to produce more milk
Carbonscape, Blenheim, makes FT shortlist of 5 in global comp
Chatham Islands, pop.600, turns off diesel generators for Earth Hour
Albany the new home for eco-migrants fearful of UK's rising waters
Government intiates 3 billion dollar high-speed broadband project
Creative Freedom Foundation victorious with scrapping of Section 92a
Owen Thor Walker, hacker, 19, hired as security consultant
Milford Track among the world's best, Backpacker Magazine
Eagles Nest, Russell retreat, "back-to-nature with rock 'n' roll"
Cape Kidnappers, Tom Doak golf course, "scenic but challenging"
Kerosene Creek, Rotorua hotpool, one of "five best freebies"
Zak Feaunati to play Jonah Lomu in upcoming film on 95 World Cup
Rugby Sevens could boost medal haul in 2016 Olympics
Graeme Lowe, ex-Warriors coach, says rugby union no spectacle
Dick Lancaster, Blind Sailing NZ, wins silver on Lake Rotorua
Levi Sherwood, 17, wins freestyle motocross event in Mexico on debut
Ladyhawke, singer, says NZ, is "like being in Iceland"
Ladyhawke reveals grunge-era acts as big influence on her sound
David Trubridge, designer, on the consumer binge, objects, identity
Paul Middleditch, TV ad director, on 200+ awards, beer ads, success
Rodney Bell, dancer, wins 'Izzie' award in SF: "volatile intimacy"
Adam Friend, territorial with PhD in viticulture deployed to Solomons
Melissa Lee, National MP, one of the most beautiful women in politics
American doctor compares NZ/US health systems
Darren Tyquin, Australian/NZ horseracing announcer, preacher, 41, d


Denis O'Reilly's penetrating critique of social justice in
New Zealand

"The poet and creative genius Alan Brunton once described Dr Ian Prior as having 'blood dangerous with utopias'. Ian has died and left us, grieving, yet still propelled by his legacy of action into continued efforts towards social justice. Den tells the story of Sandeep Chawla, Director of the Division for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime who, after a robust discussion with NZ gang members and drug dealers and users, suggests that one way for them to avoid disproportionate attention from the Police and media might simply to be a "little less annoying". Another St Patricks Day Hui & Huilli has gone off with great effect and a sense of locus for those who visited the ancient pa site, Otatara. There is praise for the continuing efforts of Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples who is out engaging Maori gang leaders and encouraging them to lead their crews away from criminality and anti-social behaviours and move towards a lifestyle built on a sense of identity as Maori, as whanau, and as members of community. Den gets the chance to talk to benches of judges and shares O'Reilly's lore: " Focus on the good", "Assume the best", "You'll see it when you believe it". (4,108 words)
Read more.


It seems that nothing is recession-proof in this new world order and the game of rugby is no exception. Teams are without sponsors, stadium attendances are shrinking - plus tournaments are all too predictable, too boring and are consistently losing audiences in traditional rugby countries. What does this environment mean for New Zealand looking ahead to the 2011 World Cup? "Everyone involved in rugby should pull together over the next 12 months to come up with innovative ideas and solutions so that we can make this tournament the best ever in terms of passion, spectator appeal, spectacular running rugby and fan experience." USA Eagles preview including 2009 games vs Wales and Canada, new coach Eddie O'Sullivan, and the importance of Sevens – "a vital foundational tool for the US as this helps our players in terms of fitness, game awareness, defense, and instinct. It also helps develop team spirit, team belief and a winning attitude." And the campaign to have Sevens added to the 2016 Olympics. Progress is that the game has made the short list along with baseball, softball, karate, squash, golf and roller sports. Noting also that the USA are the current Olympic Champions! Read more.

EDGE OF PARADISE Two items of personal "reaching out" as is said in New York. I have a new photoblog featuring new work and archival – of New Zealand and America, landscape and street, art and commerce: beautiful and banal, edge and center. About 40 photos up now, two added most days. Enjoy. And a video of a speech to Thrive Wellington in late 08 about the New Zealand Edge – the idea, the operation, the need for global perspective in what we do, and what I have learned as an exporter in international markets. 30 mins.

Top picture: South Taranaki Bight. Flying North.

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