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112 – New Zealanders in Global Headlines 14 July 2009

From Brian Sweeney, Producer,

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Pictured above: The Datsuns, Dick Frizzell, Francis Upritchard at Venice, Martin Jetpack, Royce McClure


New Zealand headlines in this week's sampling of global media appearing in The New York Times, Telegraph, Daily Mirror, San José Business Journal, Paste Magazine, The Guernsey Gazette, The Times of India, The Australian, St Croix Valley Press, The Northwestern, Telegraph, Habitus, The Scotsman, The Times, RonnieWorld and The Age include:

The Datsuns, "from playing in backyards to all this hoopla"; tour US
Dick Frizzell's 'Faraway' house "picks up salty tang of Pacific"
Royce McClure, jigsaw guru, assembles 25,000-piece in Indian mall
Mason Maddox wins Guitar Hero gold at Cyber Games, Singapore
Saatchi and Colenso billboards, effective in war on vehicle fatalities
Henry, Smith, Hansen reappointed until end of 2011 Rugby World Cup
Billy Apple, pop artist, stages exhibition at Witte de With, Rotterdam
New Zealand companies look to the Valley's tech investors for growth
Niki Caro, David Lynch, Cat Power make dreamy film for 42Below
Tony, Lynnette Mallard, car enthusiasts, drive '34 Hudson across US
Moa feather DNA reveals bird "not unlike a giant chicken"
Robert Scott, Bats, Clean; talks Flying Nun, new albums, fallen stars
Roger Hurst, discovers blackcurrant extract improves athleticism
David Kirk, ex-Fairfax head, now leads Hoyts; looks to digitisation
Chinese community, Auckland, online and "keeping stories alive"
Craig Ling, Minus5 creator, opens portable ice bar in Minnesota
Glenn Martin, jetpack inventor, 49, at US AirVenture '09 conference
Nelson Honey seeking approval to sell bee venom product in UK
Westport couple auction bed for $302,600, with free house thrown in
New Zealand rowers win gold at Henley Regatta; Drysdale "incredible"
Radio New Zealand awarded Gold at NY Festival for Sir Ed doco
Eleanor Catton, author, 23, praised in leading UK newspapers
NZ artists Millar, Upritchard on show in Venice Biennale photo blog
Malcolm Cook, architect, on inspiration and 40 year career – Habitus

Here are the Top 10 titles for June:
  1. Trio at the Top, doco 2001 – McLaren, Hulme and Amon
  2. Peter Snell – Athlete, NFU short 1964 – Gold 800m runner
  3. Beauty and the Beast, TV 1982 – classic panel show
  4. The Living Room, TV 2003 – 'worthy' arts magazine show
  5. Gloss, TV 1987 – Yuppies, shoulder-pads, Walkmen
  6. Once Were Warriors, trailer 1994 – domestic violence drama
  7. FFDrop – Based on a True Story, doco 2006, European tour
  8. Score, NFU short 1980 – AB's vs France, cut to Tchaikovsky
  9. Circuts of Gold, NFU short 1987, speedway guru Ivan Mauger
  10. A Dolphin's Story, NFU short 1974, quest to train a dolphin

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Top picture, Palliser Bay, Wairarapa; above, Lake Wairarapa. More pictures at www.paradiseroad.com. Fern symbol via www.nzflag.com.

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