Monday, 28 May 2007

New Zealanders in global headlines

New Zealanders featuring in this week's survey of global media including Wallpaper, ABC News, The Scotsman, Sydney Morning Herald, Open Democracy, MediaVillage, BBC, NZ News UK, New York Times and the Pittsburgh Observer-Reporter:
  • Stevens Lawson Herne Bay house features in Wallpaper (pic)
  • NZ cosmetics present pure, natural image to French retailers
  • US CEO of Optimedia Antony Young’s new digital media book
  • “Multilateral disarmament in rotten state” – Nzer Bob Rigg
  • Marshall Day Acoustics wins big Paris concert hall contract
  • WW2 flyer Carlisle Everiss of Te Kuiti memorialized in Scotland
  • Tim Finn tours US to promote Imaginary Kingdom album
  • NZ a 21st century treasure map–INC survey on global business
  • Privy Council quash David Bain conviction, victory for Karam
  • Peter Jackson to direct Tintin features with Steven Spielberg
  • NZ-born war correspondent Kate Webb dies, 64, Sydney
  • Frank Bateson, world respected astronomer, dies at 97
  • 42 Below ads created by Saatchi win top print at US Clios
  • Judge Ted Thomas (ret) finds against Blair was policies
  • NZ pathologist Dr James Ferris gives serial killer evidence
  • Antony Romano GM of Luna Rossa campaign in Valencia
  • Oxfam activist Ingrid MacDonald campaigns for Darfur
  • Evangelist Ray Comfort squares off for God on US TV
  • Nelson Blue NZ gastro-pub opens in NYC’s Seaport
  • Christchurch’s Reload opens first franchise in Glasgow
  • “Competitive dudes” from Hell Pizza open in Fulham
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