Friday, 11 May 2007

Time Magazine goes to the Edge

The Edge metaphor is used countless times everyday the world over to describe situations where people are seeking a competitive advantage. A nick, a tipping point, or the avoidance of crisis. At the left is a May 2007 ad for Time Magazine. A one-word equity. Time talked to in 2003 when they visited to do their five-yearly survey of New Zealand, titled:

"Cool Kiwis: Why it's suddenly hot on the edge of the world."

The Edge metaphor permeated Time's 50-page rave, taking an in-depth look at designers, scientists, exporters, film industry, Maori language revival, musicians, and winemakers, in a bid to discover "what makes NZ one of the world's edgiest countries." The verdict? "NZ is in the vanguard of a dynamic world - its human diversity, open spaces, wit, flexibility and sheer tenacity have taken a rugged, isolated country and positioned it on the cutting edge of adventure, knowledge and creativity ... its talented tall poppies are fast, savvy - and so hot, they're redefining cool."

How are we feeling in 2007? Time's 2003 description of New Zealand is far from our view of ourselves as presented in the daily headlines. How can Time's 2003 vision encompass all New Zealanders? Is this who we really are? Or is New Zealand really a "lifestyle island" where people principally want contentment? This blog will explore, celebrate, push and cajole solutions to question.

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Sven Solen said...

The Edge metaphor for me isn't about finding solutions, it's about creating them.

Unfortunately there are machines in NZ that eat up meaningful metaphors. There are public intellectuals who spend their time pretending to be embattled but not fighting battles.

While at any time there are timeless solutions in Aotearoa but they're drowned in fads. The inconvenient truth is that we're not as 'lucky' or as 'good' as many believe.

The Public Choice award winning Public Address blog has been a beacon on a gloomy peninsular and Russell Brown's attempts to kindle a Great New Zealand Argument in book form were valiant. But even that looked backwards not forwards. Where are the great New Zealand arguments NOW.

A radical solution? A month before an election put all candidates in front of Peter Jackson sized screens to watch the talks on Put the wero out there: what are ideas do we have that are worth spreading. Where is our NZEDGE sized pae huakai (horizon).